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Davyne (pronounced "DAH-vee-ANN") grew up traveling the world with her diplomat parents and has lived in Germany, Bolivia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Japan, and Korea (and has visited plenty of others).

After several career choices (including computer programming and fine art photography!) she finally settled into the law and practiced law for over twenty years, although writing has always been her first true love.

She lives with her husband and cats, and they always look forward to the visits of their five amazing children.
December 2015
"I recommend this book to all fans of Phantom of the Opera and to those who believe in unbridled true love."
-- Readers' Favorite Five-Star Review
June 2016
"Great collection of stories - very eclectic themes; genres and perspectives... Fabulous!"
-- Amazon Five-Star Review
December 2016
Phantom Rising Series:
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"Written with tremendous detail and skill... I just wanted more!... This is an absolute MUST READ!"
-- Amazon Five-Star Review
June 2017
Aggressor Queen Series: